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What Is The Disciple's Cross?
Disciple's Cross™ is the brainchild of Pastor John Raymond of New Horizon Christian Fellowship in Slidell, Louisiana. After wearing the necklace on the Emmy Award winning CBS television show, Survivor: Thailand he was bombarded with requests for this unique craft
How Does This Program Work?
Disciple's Cross™ is a amazing work at home program. Why?...because you are guaranteed a profit! Thats right! If you have ever tried and been let down by home business scams (unfortunately I am one of those) then you understand how great of an opportunity this is. You can make these crosses in the privacy of your own home and either sell them back to the guaranteed buy back program or you can sell them wholesale or retail. You are your own make your own work at home. There are no quotas to fill and no ongoing fees or purchase requirements. This really is an amazing program!
So How Much Money Can I Make?
There are a few different ways to make money with the Disciple's Cross™. The guaranteed way to make money is with the guaranteed buy back program...obviously :) Disciple's Cross™ will pay you $1.25 for each completed cross and an additional $1.00 each for material reimbursement. You will also receive $5.00 for each unit of 50 that you send back for mailing expenses. You can send of to 8 units of 50 (400 crosses) per week. This will give you a profit of $500 PER WEEK!!! You do not, however, have to use the buy back program. You can easily sell these crosses on your own. By doing this you can easily double or even triple your profits and you get to keep every penny. You have the freedom to sell these crosses anyway you want to. Great for flea markets, ebay and fund raisers. Christian bookstores will snatch up these crosses for $5.00 each. You are only limited by your imagination.
Why Should I Trust Disciple's Cross?
Disciple's Cross™ is run by the New Horizon Christian Fellowship. John Slidell is the senior pastor of this church and certainly would not risk his reputation on an internet scam. This program really works. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a student or someone who just needs extra cash Disciple's Cross™ is a perfect opportunity for you. It is also a great way to spread your ministry!
So How Do I Join?
To begin making Disciple's Cross™ you must become an official producer. To become a producer, you must purchase a starter kit. This kit includes the supplies needed to make 25 completed Disciple's Crosses, along with a finished sample. In addition, you will receive a step-by-step instructional DVD (or videotape if requested) of Pastor John training you on how to make a perfect Disciple's Cross every time! You'll receive a certifed Disciple's Cross Producer certificate, suitable for framing, an autograph picture of Pastor John from Survivor Thailand and information on how to request a free IRS publication for home based businesses. Also, when you complete your first 8 units of 50 crosses and send them back, you will be reimbursed of the price for the starter kit! To join, click on the link below!
Who else wants to make $2000 a month with these cool little crosses! .
These Are Frequently Asked Questions That Came From
All Of These Questions Were Answered by John Raymond, Creator of Disciple's Cross

1. How long has Disciple's Cross™ been in business?
I began making these cross necklaces in the early 90's and it has steadily grown from then.
2. How big is a Disciple's Cross™?
The Disciple's Crosses you will be making are about an inch and a half tall and an inch wide. Click here to see a close up picture of me wearing one, and you'll get an idea of their size.
3. Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, we have a generous 30 day money-back guarantee. If you decide within 30 days of receiving your Starter Kit that this ministry & business isn't for you, you are welcome to return it for any reason prior to the submission of your test unit and I will buy it back from you for the purchase price.
4. Will you reimburse the cost of the starter kit to me in full?
Yes! Once you have had eight units of crosses accepted (400 total crosses that pass inspection - about one week's worth of work, if you do this full-time), you will be reimbursed the full cost of your starter kit.
5. Can I order with a Check or Money Order through the mail?
Yes! Just click on the order link and fill out the order form. Once you've completed the ordering process you will need to mail your check or money order to Disciple's Cross™ at 3401 Pontchartrain Dr, Ste. 6, Slidell, LA., 70458. Please allow additional time for your funds to reach us. In addition, if paying by check, please allow an additional 10 business days for your check to clear. If you decide to pay by money order, your order will be put into production upon receipt.
6. Is the jewelry design exclusive to Disciple's Cross™?
Yes! Our design, item tag and name are all legally protected by the United States Patent, Trademark and Copyright Offices. The instructional DVD and video are also included under this patent, trademark and copyright and therefore cannot be passed on or distributed whether or not it is for profit.
7. I have an instructional video or DVD from a friend. Can I make the Disciple's Cross™ without purchasing a Starter Kit and becoming a Certified Disciple's Cross™Producer?
No! You must purchase a Starter Kit and become a Certified Disciple's Cross™ Producer and be input into our system BEFORE you are allowed to begin making our patented and copyrighted jewelry design or any variation thereof. Instructional DVD's and Videotapes are not allowed to be passed on to non-certified producers.
8. How soon are supplies shipped out?
Our office staff maintains a maximum of 3-5 business day turnaround for all supply orders. However, orders are usually filled within one business day. We want you to have the supplies you need as quickly as possible. If you choose the option for second day air and have a post office box your package will be sent priority mail. If you choose UPS your package can be sent overnight or second day air if you supply a physical address. UPS cannot deliver to post office boxes.
9. Where do I purchase the materials to make the Disciple's Cross™ necklaces?
In order to protect the standards of our product you must purchase your supplies directly from Disciple's Cross™. Due to volume discounts from manufacturers we are able to get the materials for well below the normal retail prices that you would have to pay elsewhere and we can pass that savings on to you.
10. Where do I purchase the Clear Coat Acrylic?
In order to make your Disciple's Cross™ rust and tarnish resistant you must coat them with a clear coat acrylic finish. In the past we have offered clear coat acrylic on our website. However, due to increased shipping regulations and safety precautions the clear coat acrylic must now be purchased locally. The approved product can be found at Home Depot, Wal Mart and other stores. It is called "MINWAX Fast-Drying Polyurethane Clear Gloss." You can purchase it in a 1/2 pint can from Home Depot or Wal Mart for under $5. This is a dip as opposed to a spray and is very easy to work with. Due to the consistency of this product, only one dip is recommended.
11. Is the cost of the materials reimbursed to me?
Yes. The cost of the materials is $1.00 per cross which is fully reimbursed to you upon approval of the finished crosses you send in to us for payment.
12. Can I return supplies for a refund after I've received them?
Yes, you are welcome to return any unused supplies within 30 days of receiving them. Naturally the supplies must be in unused and the original condition. However, we must deduct a 25% restocking fee from your refund. Shipping and handling cannot be refunded since those are costs we have already incurred.
13. Can I send in partial units for payment?
Your test unit can be as few as 10 Disciple's Cross™ necklaces since your Starter Kit only includes enough materials to make 25. That will also give us the chance to inspect your workmanship and offer you corrective suggestions before you send in an entire unit of 50.
After your initial test unit of 10 to 25 we can only accept full units of 50 Disciple's Cross™ necklaces or else we would be inundated with small handfuls at a time and that would be more trouble and expense than necessary.
14. What if I want to keep them and sell them myself?
Go for it. You are not required to send any of your Disciple's Cross™ necklaces to us. You are welcome to sell some or all of them yourself for a higher profit. You are still required to purchase your materials from Disciple's Cross™ and take advantage of our volume purchases and our multitude of colors.
15. How difficult are these to make?
Not difficult at all once you get the hang of it. The videotape in your starter kit will show you each simple step. I can make them in under five minutes each.
16. How strong do I have to be to make these?
Well, I can tell you that I have taught many high school students to make them. You will need a reasonable amount of hand and finger strength but you certainly don't have to be excessively "strong".
17. How soon do I get paid once I send in a unit for payment?
When we receive your units, we inspect them in the order in which they are received to ensure that they meet our standards. Once this inspection has been completed, we will send you a check on the following Friday.
18. What if I send in unsatisfactory work?
Since our pay structure is so generous we cannot afford to pay you for items that we cannot resell. Therefore, we must send the unsatisfactory ones back to you and only pay you for the acceptable items in your unit. If it is necessary to return crosses back to you then the cost to mail them is taken from your payment.
19. Are your specifications unrealistically high or do you accept most of the crosses that are sent in?
Great question. There are scams out there where it is almost impossible to meet the given quality standards, and therefore it is difficult to get paid. That is not the case with Disciple's Cross™. Your starter kit includes a professionally produced instructional video tape that shows you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to pass our inspection. Just follow our instructions and you will be paid for your work.
If, for some reason, we must return some of your crosses, we will also send you a quality control checklist with a detailed explanation so that you can easily adjust your technique to avoid the same mistakes in the future. We accept and pay for the majority of the crosses that are sent in to us.
20. Can I just send you everything I make and let you sort out the bad ones?
Please help us keep our expenses low so we can continue to be generous to you. If your unit has an excessive number of unsatisfactory items then we may just send the entire unit back to you for your re-evaluation. We'll be patient a few times but we need you to be a responsible team player. REMEMBER : It is only by putting out a quality product at a competitive price that everyone can benefit.
21. Do you withhold income taxes from my payment?
No. You are considered a self-employed independent contractor and you will be responsible for your own taxes. Once your payments from us exceed $600.00 we are required to send you a 1099 statement at the end of the year so you can accurately file your taxes. We also do not pay unemployment benefits or employee benefits of any kind.
22. Can I deduct any expenses to lower my income taxes?
Certainly. In fact, your starter kit will contain information on how you can receive a free official IRS publication explaining tax deductions for a home based business. This booklet contains simple and detailed information that will show you how you can possibly deduct part of your rent (house payment), utilities, phone bill, and even travel expenses. Basically, any expense you incur that aids you in making or selling your Disciple's Cross™ products is considered a legitimate tax-deductible expense by Uncle Sam. 23. How does the GUARANTEED BUY-BACK PROGRAM work?
Simple. You will be helping us fill our orders for these beautiful handcrafted cross necklaces. Best of all, this is a guaranteed work-at-home program. We will buy up to eight completed units of 50 per week (400 total crosses) of the Disciple's Cross™ necklaces you assemble. We only buy back single color crosses made from The Buy Back supply packs.
This is an honest program. You will be paid for every quality unit you produce.
24. How many producer's does Disciple's Cross™ already have?
Hundreds, but there is always room for another good producer. We have not even begun to tap into the huge potential of the marketplace.
25. How can I maximize my profits?
For those of you who want to maximize your profits, you can keep your crosses and sell them at flea markets, craft shows, church fundraisers, or even directly to Christian bookstores. You set the price you want to sell them for, and you keep 100% of the profits. Disciple's Cross™ does not require a royalty from your outside sales.
26. Is there still a big enough market for these crosses?
The market is HUGE! There are six billion people in the world and I'd like to see them all wearing a Disciple's Cross™. Believe me, even your town is bigger than you think it is.
27. How do I contact you with questions or concerns?
Because of the high volume of inquiries about this terrific program we try to answer all of your questions on this website. However, if you have a question that isn't addressed here then please email us at the appropriate address on the website. If you have a question that needs more immediate assistance you can call us at 985-661-1896 Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. CST.
28. What is the Affiliate Program?
Many producers and non-producers alike earn additional weekly income by promoting this incredible work at home opportunity. Click here to learn more about this exciting way to support this ministry and earn a great income with just a little effort. Note: The affiliate program is designed for those who have their own websites to promote Disciple's Cross. We are unable to give technical advice or support for affiliate websites.
29. What if I live in Canada or in another location outside the United States of America?
We have producers that don't reside here in the USA. However you will not able to take advantage of the Guraranteed Buy Back program. There are certain labor laws that prohibit us from using foreign contractors. You are welcome to purchase the starter kit and supplies to make the crosses but you will need to find a market for them in the country where you reside. You would also be responsible for all taxes, customs duties and charges if any; and any other fee imposed by your country.
30. Is this a shady business or a scam?
I don't mind addressing this question directly because it is only natural to be cautious. Actually, this is the most honest and up front home-based business that you will probably find out there. We pay you well to make a quality product that people want. Unfortunately, no one is able to prove their honesty before you get involved with them. But what I can do is tell you exactly who I am, why I am offering this opportunity, and then give you my phone number so you can do your due diligence. I am the senior pastor of New Horizon Christian Fellowship in Slidell, Louisiana and certainly cannot afford to jeopardize my reputation by running a scam. This is much more than a business to us, it is first and foremost a ministry. Take a look at some of the testimonies that come in on a regular basis.
31. Do you still make the Disciple's Cross™ necklaces yourself?
Believe it or not, yes, I do. I don't really have the time to make them for profit anymore but I've gotten so used to making them that it is somewhat therapeutic for me. Besides, I always like to carry an extra one with me to give away.
32. What's the down side if I decide this opportunity isn't for me?
It is important to me that you have absolutely no down side. That's why we've made it completely risk free. Think about it this way: I'm giving you a 30-day money back guarantee plus I will reimburse you the cost of the starter kit after you turn in your eighth unit for payment. So what it boils down to is that you get your money back if you like it or you get your money back if you don't like it. Either way you are getting a refund of the price of your starter kit. I would love to send you the starter kit free to begin with but people would take unfair advantage of me.
33. How was your experience on the hit television show Survivor Thailand?
It was one of the best experiences of my life. Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and all of the people at CBS were wonderful. I got the chance to tour Thailand and ride elephants in the jungle, go cave exploring, ocean kayaking, scuba diving, and many other incredible experiences. I was especially thrilled to be able to speak to some of the most powerful producers and executives in Hollywood about my faith in Jesus Christ and the moral standards of the Bible. God knows they need to hear it.
34. Are you a full-time Pastor?
Yes. I am the Senior Pastor of New Horizon Christian Fellowship, in Slidell, Louisiana. I also travel to Central America once a year for mission trips.
35. Can I have your autographed picture?
Sure. When you become a Certified Disciple?s Cross™ Producer I will include one in your starter kit. Click here to see a copy. I don't think too highly of myself but I recognize that there are some Survivor fans out there who would like a picture so we include one in the starter kit.